Killer now identifies as an infant who wears nappies and demands baby food in prison

Sophie Eastwood, who was named Daniel at the time of their sentencing, is serving a life term at Polmont prison in Brightons, Scotland for using shoelaces to strangle a cell-mate to death in 2004

Sophie Eastwood

By Mark McGivern, Chief Reporter & Ryan Fahey

A killer who transitioned from male to female while in prison has demanded guards hold her hand while outside her cell because she identifies as an infant.

Sophie Eastwood, 36, was named Daniel when she was jailed for life in 2004 after using shoelaces as a garotte to strangle her cellmate.

Eastwood, who has lived as a woman in Her Majesty’s prisons for the past four years, has been described as “attention-seeking” and “manipulative” by sources inside the jail.

The murderer has now told chiefs at Polmont prison in Brightons, Scotland, that she identifies as a tot, and should be allowed to wear diapers and have her meals pureed like baby food.

She has also demanded guards hold her hand when she is escorted to and from her cell.

Prison bosses are taking Eastwood’s requests seriously and have already supplied her with a dummy, sources tell the Daily Record.

A source said: “This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why she is still behind bars after 17 years.

HMP Polmont Young Offenders
The prisoner has already been given a baby’s dummy by guards at HMP Polmont Young Offenders ( Image: Robert Perry)

“She decided that she would ‘trans’ from a man to woman, which is becoming more common in jails these days.

“But this is obviously something else entirely and the Scottish Prison Service has no protocol in place for dealing with prisoners who decide they are babies.”

The source added: “Eastwood is a complex person and intelligent but she is pretty demanding on the resources of the prison and enjoys being the centre of attention.

“It’s difficult to know if she really does feel a natural inclination to be treated like a baby or if it’s just some kind of attention seeking.

“Modern prisons are very tuned in to human rights and the legal implications they throw up, so it’s being given proper consideration.”

Sophie Eastwood
A source said Eastwood likes to be the “centre of attention” ( Image: Perthshire Picture Agency)

Eastwood, 36, is serving a life sentence for killing Paul Algie, 22, in 2004.

Formerly Daniel Eastwood, she has been living as a woman in jail for four years and completed her 15-year minimum term in 2019.

But she has remained in secure conditions and is not due for release.

The source added: “This prisoner has already served the entire punishment term of the tariff but she has not been advanced through the prison estate to a place where she can prepare for release.

“There is no current intention to put her in any open prison regime.

“This is nothing to do with gender issues. She just refuses to play by the rules or show any inclination or readiness to live in normal society.”

Sophie Eastwood
Eastwood has also demanded that guards hold her hand as she’s moved to and from cells ( Image: Daily Record)

Speaking to the Daily Record from Polmont Prison earlier this year, Eastwood claimed she would have been freed by now if she had remained a man.

She said: “In January 2020, I met all the standard criteria to pass to less secure ­conditions, except being biologically female.

“The prison service wanted me to have a psychological assessment as I hadn’t had one since starting to live as female.

“After that, I was told by a manager that I would have passed the assessment had I still been living as a man.

“I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man I didn’t ­represent a risk to the public but as a woman I did. I don’t think there’s any evidence to support that.”

Eastwood’s case reveals a troubled life that escalated out of control.

Then living as a boy, Daniel, she was jailed in 2004 for dangerous driving. A month before the date for release from Dumfries Young Offenders Institution, the inmate ­strangled Paul Algie, 22, with ­“considerable and prolonged” force.

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