Creepy Serial Killer Facts You Won’t Forget

You will walk past an average of 16 murderers in your life time

Jeffrey Dahmer - cannibal serial killer

The lore of the Creepy Serial Killer has been firmly embedded in popular culture since way back in the days of Jack the Ripper and H.H Holmes, so it’s no surprise they are as relevant today as they’ve ever been. Aside from the obvious problem of them killing so many innocent people, what other creepy facts are there?

You will walk past an average of 16 murderers in your life time

Let’s do the math… 10 new people per day * 365 days per year * 71 years of living = about 260,000 separate individuals somebody might walk by. 260,000 people in a lifetime * 6 murderers per 100,000 people = 15.6 or about 16 murderers.

Joe Metheny turned his victims into burgers and served them to unsuspecting customers

Joe Metheny - serial killer who cooked victims into BBQ burgers
Joe Metheny – DailyMail

Yes, you read that correct… Joseph Roy Metheny, was an admitted serial killer who chopped up his victims and sold them as BBQ from a roadside stand in Baltimore in the 1990s. That’s not just in the realm of creepy serial killers, it’s in a league all on it’s own!

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t eat people with tattoos because he said the ink made the flesh taste weird

Jeffrey Dahmer - creepy cannibal serial killer
Jeffrey Dahmer – Getty Images

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who committed the murder and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Many of his later murders involved necrophilia and cannibalism

Harold Shipman may have killed up to 250 people

Harold Shipman - serial killer in the UK
Harold Shipman – public domain

Harold Shipman was a British doctor who was arrested in 1998 for multiple cases of suspected murder. Many of the old ladies he looked after ended up dead and he benefited from it financially. He was eventually convicted of 15 murders, however it is estimated he may have killed over 250.

Ted Bundy volunteered for a suicide prevention hotline

Ted Bundy Mugshot 1982
Ted Bundy 1982 – public domain

Serial killer Ted Bundy worked at a Seattle crisis center while studying psychology at the University of Washington. So, he was actively helping to save lives at the same time he was ending them.

Dennis Nilsen was only caught when plumbers found human remains blocking the drain of his London flat

UK serial killer Dennis Nilsen
Dennis Nilson – public domain

Nilsen’s murders were first discovered by a Dyno-Rod employee, Michael Cattran, who responded to the plumbing complaints made by both Nilsen and other tenants of 23 Cranley Gardens on February 8, 1983.

Rodney Alcala won ‘The Dating Game’ amid his killing spree

Rodney Alcala - the ultimate dating show creepy serial killer
Rodney Alcala (left) on The Dating Game 1978 – public domain

In 1978, Rodney Alcala appeared on the popular TV show ‘The Dating Game’ and won! Bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw picked him based on his answers, but after the show, she changed her mind and refused to go on a date with him because she thought he was “creepy.” Yep, officially The Dating Game’s top creepy serial killer.

The Golden State Killer was caught with a genealogy website

Joseph DeAngelo - Golden State Killer
Joseph DeAngelo – Cable News Network, inc

Investigators uploaded the suspect’s DNA to a genealogy website using evidence retrieved from a Ventura County double homicide in 1980. The website revealed a connection between the suspect’s DNA and a distant relative. Investigators then were able to pinpoint DeAngelo himself. They retrieved a fresh round of DNA from discarded material outside of DeAngelo’s house, and they found their match.

There were so many bodies crammed under the floorboards of John Wayne Gacy’s house it took 2 years to sort them

John Wayne Gacy - Creepy Killer Clown - Serial Killer
John Wayne Gacy – Rex Features

That’s exactly how it sounds… the floorboards below John Wayne Gacy’s house were so stuffed full of corpses, they actually melted together! It took investigators 2 years to pick them apart and identify the poor victims.

Issei Sagawa was a Japanese cannibal who was declared legally insane and released

Issei Sagawa - Japanese cannibal
Issei Sagawa – public domain

Issei Sagawa was studying in France when he killed, dismembered, and ate his friend Renee Hartevelt. He was declared legally insane by a French judge and subsequently deported back to Japan, but once home there was nothing the Japanese legal system could do to detain him as all charges had been dropped. Sagawa has been free to live his life in Tokyo, but the creepy serial killer admits he still desires human flesh.

“The desire to eat people becomes so intense around June when women start wearing less and showing more skin,” he said. “Just today, I saw a girl with a really nice derrière on my way to the train station. When I see things like that, I think about wanting to eat someone again before I die.”

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