Schitt’s Creek Fan Quiz

Best wishes and warmest regards

Schitt's Creek

Best wishes and warmest regards

How well do you know the fabulous residents of Schitt’s Creek? Take our Schitt’s Creek fan quiz and find out!


David Rose happy in Schitt's Creek Congratulations! You definitely know your way around Schitt’s Creek! Share your result and show off!

David Rose sad in Schitt's Creek

Oh dear, this does not make David happy. Maybe you should head over to Cafe Tropical and brush up on your Creek knowledge

#1. How many episodes of Schitt's Creek are there in total?

#2. How many times does Alexis say, "Ew, David!" throughout the series?

#3. What recipe are Moira and David trying to make when they "fold in the cheese"?

#4. Why did Johnny originally purchase the town of Schitt's Creek?

#5. What is the name of the winery Moira makes a commercial for?

#6. What song did Patrick sing for David during Open Mic Night?

#7. What does Jocelyn say is “like an aphrodisiac” to Roland?

#8. Which celebrity did Alexis share her first kiss with?

#9. What's the name of David's ex-boyfriend who does a photoshoot with Moira?

#10. What's the name of Patrick's ex-fiance who Alexis invites to the family BBQ?

#11. What's the name of the cafe Twyla works at?

#12. How does David identify his sexuality?

#13. What did Ted warn Alexis NOT to eat the first time they met?

#14. What did Roland and Jocelyn name their baby boy?

#15. In which European country did Moira film 'The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening'?

#16. What is Ted's last name?

#17. What is the name of the girl whom Mutt dates after breaking up with Alexis?

#18. What was put in the motel's flower arrangement by Johnny?

#19. What was the name of the guy both David and Stevie dated?

#20. What was the last line said on the show?


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