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Yes, I am the one responsible for any cornea damage resulting from this colour scheme.. (Not true–you fixed it and made it much better on the eyes.~A.D. Wayy)

Hmmm. what to say? Ok, well I’m never able to stay serious for long and it was that train of thought which led to the creation of these awards. I love reading funny fics and thought it would be a great idea to reward the best.

My sense of humour is weird at best, and gross/disturbing at worst (my friends and fellow team members can vouch for that!). When writing, my brain seems to take on a life of it’s own and my barely existent filter disappears. I even shock myself sometimes with the filth that appears in my chapters. Dirty humour is always the best!


A.D. Wayy

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I’m a lunatic mom with a twelve year old boy’s sense of humor and a h00ratious twinge for reading–A LOT. I’ve fallen in love with the writing fandom and anything funny, snarky, sexy, sexy, sexy, and well-written. 

I work 40+ hours a week, have one teenlet heavy into sports, am involved in several community projects, I read; pre-read; and then I read some more–Oh, and have I mentioned I’m married?? Yeah, so, busy here.

I’m also having a relationship no one should normally have with a laptop. What? It’s snuggly, keeps my thighs warm, and brings me hours of pleasure. Sshh, don’t tell my Red’n(DH). Now, if I could just find some software to make it vibrate every time a new story updates…

And last and the most bestest news I’m proud of – I beta along side with Gilly Wright – intermittently, AND, I beta for JoJoWrites (when she writes)–the lovely mod/admin/she-geek who made this site possible!



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Well, I may not be cracked, but I sure am dented!  ;D

I love humor in all it’s forms…except maybe REALLY stupid crass, but considering how twisted I can be, not much really gets disqualified based on that. I mean, hey, rolling on the floor is such great exercise and belly laughs are the best abs routine around, don’t ya know! Gotta love endorphins…from all their sources.

They say, “Splush!” is the sound of a mind hitting the gutter. Well, I made that noise once wayyyy back in High School…and haven’t heard it since. What can I say, I like to swim.

That said, I’m equally impressed by the talent it takes to produce belly laugh worthy, clean humor as well.

I’m a wife, mother of two, and business owner who used to be a prospective whale biologist in Washington (not too far from the Olympic Peninsula–I can see Port Angeles from here on a clear day!). I met my then Stage Manager husband in the local theater while playing the role of a vampire (Dracula’s Lucy) and my life was forever changed! Needless to say, drama comes naturally to both my kids, and they are the inspriation that keeps me moving. Reading, and now writing Twi-fic, is what’s keeping me sane with the otherwise absolute lack of needed creativity in my life right now.

Despite having played a Vampire in a local production of “Dracula” I had not heard of “Twilight” until the movie came out.  Go figure.  My typical cuppa is Sci-Fi/Fantasy, not Romance and never before vamp fiction, so my RL friends and family find it histerical that this genre has sucked me in so deeply!  😀


Gilly Wright

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I am a self-described saber-toothed tiger, so toddle off and play, you youthful kittens, pumas, cougars, unless you want to be pals, because someday I will be extinct! The requisite husband, 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog live in my house, plus an iBook I would save first in the event of nuclear holocaust (along with my mascara and wine stash). I work in sales, on commission. My motto is “I’ll do anything or anybody for 50 bucks.”

I beta read, quite a lot. My well-polished ‘that’ paddle and over-flowing box of commas are under my bed, ready for use.

I’ve done some collaborative writing, and it terrifies me. You can find it on my profile at

Now if only someone would slip me $50.