Worst Christmas Decorations

Sexy Mermen Christmas decoration

Whether they’re classed as funny, trashy, creepy, or plain gross, these Christmas decoration disasters will make your Mother-in-laws tinsel tree look almost tasteful! We can’t imagine these aren’t the worst Christmas Decorations around…

Beer Manger

Beer Manger

Scary Baby Jesus

Scary Baby Jesus Christmas decoration

Festive Crapper

Santa Toilet Christmas decoration

Santa Brain Ornament

Santa Brain Christmas decoration

Sh*tting Reindeer

Reindeer Poop Christmas decoration

Festive Penis Palm Tree

Penis Christmas Palm Tree

Santa Sh*thouse

Santa Outhouse Christmas decoration

Kiss Santa Beneath his Mistletoe…

Naked Santa

Sexy Mermen Ornaments

Sexy Mermen Christmas decoration

Festive Snooki

Snooki Christmas decoration

Humping Reindeer

Humping Reindeer Christmas decoration

Festive… Grenade

Silver Grenade Christmas decoration

Winnie the Pooh in a Bikini Ornament

Pooh in a Bikini Christmas decoration

Literally a Sh*t Ornament

Poo Christmas decoration

Bin Laden…

Bin Laden Christmas decoration

Penis Lights

Penis Christmas lights

And we have a winner… HUMAN SANTAPEDE!!

Human Sanatapede Christmas decoration

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