20+ Best/Worst Advertising Fails

Advertising Fails

Some might say advertising is a form of artwork in itself. When done right it can make the difference between you feeling you might consider a product, or absolutely being unable to live without it. Unfortunately not everyone attended the same school…

Check out the 20+ Best/Worst Advertising Fails

1. That’s beyond flexible

Yoga advert fail

2. Mommy and Daughter bonding time

Mother and daughter wine bonding fail

3. Reaches all the hard to hit places

vacuum advert fail

4. That’s unfortunate…

Wardrobe murder fail

5. Not sure what line of business he’s in, but he might like a drop of claret

vampire advert fail

6. You need a Stroke Doctor, not a holiday

vacation advert fail

7. Reeeeally should have gone to Specsavers!

Specsavers advert fail

8. Wasn’t she poisoned by an apple?

Snow White apple advert fail

9. Really think you could have chosen a better tag line for this

sexual assault advert fail

10. Do teeth have genitals to hide?

tooth advert fail

11. Not really being comforted by their “safe” holiday promise

safe holiday advert fail

12. I know somebody who would sit on that…

lounger advert fail

13. If Kermit did modelling…

Male model advert fail

14. Let’s reduce infection by all touching each other!

infection control advert fail

15. We’re You’re Not Til Not Happy

happy confused advert fail

16. Graduation advert

graduation advert fail

17. I just keep seeing Sloth from Ice Age

wide eyes bus advert fail

18. If Michael Jackson advertised eye masks…

sleep mask advert fail

19. Probably won’t get one if it won’t last long

computer sale advert fail

20. Uh, where’s the rest of the bus?

bus stop advert fail

21. That’s a mighty large exhaust you have, Sir!

big exhaust advert fail

22. Let God Arse

God arse advert fail

23. Product design is just as important…

Crosshatch product fail

If you’ve seen any other hilarious advertising fails, share them with us on Twitter @giggle_snort

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