Essential Winter Hacks to Keep Your House Warm

Cold thermometer

Keeping warm and comfortable when winter hits is essential, and as the cost of living continues to rise here are a few cheap and cheerful hacks which could really make a difference. Reduce your energy bills by checking out our essential winter hacks to keep your house warm and save money in the process.

Set your Thermostat

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The most essential thing you can do in the colder months is control when your heating comes on and for how long. There is absolutely no point in having the heating on during the day when you are at wok, so set a timer and feel the benefit when you are actually at home.

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Reflective Foil Behind Radiators

Reflective foil for radiators
White metal heating radiator forming part of a central heating system with energy-efficient thermal insulation on the wall

To avoid heat being lost from radiators, simply put some reflective foil on the wall behind them to reflect the heat back into the room. Keeps you cosy and saves money.

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Remove Radiator Covers

Remove radiator covers to reduce energy bills

Sure they look good and can hide ugly radiators, but radiator covers trap most of the heat meaning it cannot warm the room as intended. Remove those covers for the winter and use less energy to heat your rooms.

Bleed your Radiators

Bleed Radiator
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It sounds a bit gruesome but it’s very simple. Air can collect in radiators over time which means they don’t heat fully. By releasing any air the whole of the radiator can heat up and work more efficiently; meaning it takes less time for the room to heat up and subsequently costs less.

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Pipe Insulation to Stop Draughts

Pipe insulation to stop door draughts

Draughts under doors can be a big problem, especially if you live in an old house. You can buy pre-made excluders, but a cheaper (and possibly a far more effective) option is to buy pipe insulation and cut it to the desired size.

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Draught Excluders for Windows

Insulation tape for windows

Windows can be a major source of draught too. If you have older frames you may be losing a lot of heat through any gaps there may be. By simply putting some insulation tape on the inside of the frames where they open, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat lost and draughts.

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Use Bubblewrap as Insulation

Bubblewrap on windows for insulation

This might seem a strange one, but it actually works! Bubblewrap can be a very effective form of insulation which still allows light into the room. Simply cut your bubblewrap to size, spray some water on the glass and put it in place. The water will allow it to stick to the glass, whilst being easy to remove when the weather warms up.

Keep the Oven Open

Open over after cooking to warm the house
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When you have finished cooking, remember to keep the oven door open to allow the heat to escape. You can use the residual heat to warm the room.

Open your Curtains

Open curtains to warm the room

Open your curtains when it’s sunny outside, and the sun will warm the room slightly. Just remember to shut them once the sun has gone down to ensure the heat remains and doesn’t escape.

Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation
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Up to 25% of all heat can be lost through the roof which can be reduced by installing 25cm loft insulation through the space. It can be a bit messy, but well worth the effort.

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Add a Rug

Rug to keep the room warm
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If you have hardwood floors, the gaps between the boards can cause considerable heat loss and draughts. By adding a thick rug to a room you can minimalise warm air escaping and keep your house warm.

Run Ceiling Fan in Reverse

Ceiling fan to warm room
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If you have a ceiling fan, consider running it in reverse. Hot air rises, so by running the blades in the opposite direction it it pushes the warm air down and warms the room.

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