It’s a nice day for a weird wedding

Dogs getting married

While many people still opt for a traditional wedding, there are many who opt to celebrate their love in their own unique way. The lovely people of Reddit have shared some of their weird wedding stories and we’ve picked some of the best.

Nakey Nakey

I went to a wedding where it was on the beach and they prayed to 4 great gods or spirits and then invited everyone to get naked and swim in the ocean. Then we got kicked off the beach


Mmm… Ribs

I went to a relative’s wedding after she became a Jehovah’s Witness. The dude doing the service kept saying that she’d been made out of her husband’s rib. I was about 9 at the time, but knew that it was total bullshit because this was the groom’s third marriage. I apparently loudly asked my mum how many ribs the groom had.


Praise Be to Elvira!

Some friends of mine (we are all in the alternative art and performance world. Think horror, drag, burlesque, circus, etc) had a masquerade themed wedding officiated by a locally famous Elvira female impersonator. The weird part was that it was absolutely the most traditional Christian wedding I’d ever been to. Watching an Elvira drag queen preach about salvation was bonkers.


Clothing Optional

I haven’t been to a weird wedding but my ex husband went to a naked wedding. The bride was a stripper and the wedding was at the strip club where she worked. All her co-workers gave her new husband mini lap dances after the ceremony.

For what it’s worth, they are divorced now. But then again so am I and my wedding was fully clothed.


Elvis has Entered the Building

Mine is about to be one of them. Las Vegas, little person dressed as Elvis as the officiant, I’m dressing goth, fiance is dressing like a pirate.

I don’t have much love for traditional weddings.


An episcopal wedding that included a sermon against gay marriage even thought the heterosexual couple getting married were somewhere between apathetic and supportive of gay marriage and the bride’s brother was peeking out of the closet. 


Keeping it in the Family

Went to a wedding for my friends Dad in high school as her guest. It was really small which was shocking since they have a big family. When I asked why it was so small, I guess that his new wife was his former niece through his 2nd wife. So his ex wives sisters daughter. Weird.


Going Straight?

Probably the weirdest was watching my husband’s best friend (man) marrying a woman who was clearly a lesbian (besides that she was more masculine than he was.. she had told him she was a lesbian but had found Jesus and wanted to be straight.. she was saving herself for the wedding night so they didn’t have sex.. her bachelorette party was at the local strip club for men while he wasn’t allowed to go out at all.. etc etc). In a big Baptist church. Every bridesmaid was a tomboy ex girlfriend of the bride or a man in drag. It was by far the strangest wedding I have ever been to.. absolutely astounding denial by the groom and everyone affiliated with the church.

Surprise surprise, they never consummated the marriage and she left him for the maid of honor a few months later. I honestly, to this day, don’t understand why she did it. She knew she wasn’t straight, she had long been out and proud, the whole thing was sad.


Sonic the Hedgehog

A Sonic the Hedgehog themed wedding. It was kind of cute! They had a sonic plush at the alter, served chili dogs at the reception, and had ring shaped confetti on the tables…….along with framed pictures of sonic characters on the tables. Everyone in attendance had to wear a sonic t-shirt.

I kind of talked us into being invited. The girl thought I didn’t like her because she didn’t marry the boy I set her up with in high school(lol?)


Feeling Festive

Christmas themed wedding complete with the reception and ceremony staged in a room full of decorations and Christmas music. There were trees, trains and those lighter yard displays everywhere.


Romeo and Juliet

My brother’s wedding. He was really young and, his wife was pregnant. Neither of the families wanted them to get married. They had it in my parent’s small, suburban house and it was zombie themed, so they were young, covered in blood and pregnant. Not to mention, the families hated each other as well and they got in a fight near the end of the night (which was 9 p.m. in the case of this wedding). Romeo and Juliet.


Have you been to a weird wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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