Woman who claims to be in love with alien says it would ‘kill her’ if they actually had sex

Woman in Love with an Alien

By Sabrina Barr

A woman who spoke passionately about her relationship with an alien has said that they can’t go ‘all the way that he can go’ intimately, because it would ‘kill’ her.

On Thursday’s This Morning, actress and podcaster Emanuela Rose, formerly known as Abbie Bela, appeared on the show to talk about the love she has for her supposed extraterrestrial partner.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, she claimed that she and her partner met when she was abducted by aliens, explaining that she uses a plastic inflatable alien as a substitute for him in order to keep his identity protected.

At one point during their chat, a curious Holly brought up the subject of intimacy, as she wondered if Emanuela and her alien lover could be physical with one another.

Woman in Love with an Alien
The presenters wanted to get to the bottom of how the relationship started (Picture: ITV)

No Nookie

When asked why being with an alien is better than a human man, the US-based actress responded: ‘How can I put this? The aliens are love and light and pure energy, so we can’t even go all the way that he can go because it would kill me.’

This admission left Phillip and Holly startled, as the latter reacted by saying: ‘Wow.’

‘He goes further than you would think it was possible to go?’ an equally astonished Phillip asked.

Woman in Love with an Alien
Emanuela explained that the inflatable alien was just a stand-in for her partner (Picture: ITV)

‘Yeah! It’s like compared to Earth men, it’s like, times a million,’ she admitted.
Holly then brought up the fact that Emanuela wants to take her relationship with the alien ‘to the next phase’, as she wants him to propose to her.

‘Is that likely to happen? Is he ready to commit to something like that?’ she questioned.

Emanuela claimed that her alien lover has tried to propose to her, but he’s still ‘learning the customs’ on Earth, as she wants a traditional engagement ring.

Woman in Love with an Alien
Phillip couldn’t hide his astonishment (Picture: ITV)

On the Rocks

However, when she asked for him to get her a ‘big rock’, she said that he misinterpreted her request and got her pebbles from a beach instead.

While he doesn’t have any ‘Earth money’, Emanuela is hoping they can ‘save up the money’ to buy an engagement ring in time.

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