Hanson Fan Trivia Quiz

Only a true Hanson fan will be able to ace the quiz!

Hanson Fan Quiz

Only a true fan will be able to ace the Hanson Fan Trivia Quiz!

Test your Hanson knowledge and really put yourself to the test.


Taylor Hanson happy and celebrating Well done!! You really are a hardcore Hanson fan! Share your result and brag to your friends!

Taylor Hanson sad


Oh no… should probably keep this one to yourself! 

#1. What song is this lyric from? "You're gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion"

#2. What music video is this image from?

#3. In how many countries did Mmmbop top the charts?

#4. What was the name of the mall where Hanson had their breakthrough performance?

#5. On Hanson's 2022 album, 'Red Green Blue', which member is represented by the colour Green?

#6. Where did Hanson perform on 24th August 2000?

#7. In what year did Hanson make their debut performance at Mayfest?

#8. What is the name of the song Isaac released with Emma Daumas?

#9. What was the first single released from Shout it Out?

#10. What TV show is this image from?

#11. Where did Hanson record their Christmas album, Snowed In?

#12. In which legendary Scottish venue did Hanson play 8th November 2004?

#13. What is the name of Hanson's 5th studio album?

#14. What record label absorbed Mercury Records in 2000 resulting in Hanson's choice to go independent?

#15. What is the name of Taylor's eldest child?


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