Ultimate Cheese Quiz

Only a true Cheese Connoisseur can get 100%

Cheese Quiz

Are you partial to a bit of cheddar on toast or some brie with chutney? Take our ultimate cheese quiz and see just how much of a cheese connoisseur you really are…


Well done!! You certainly know your Parmesan from your Provolone! Share your results and brag to your friends on social media

Of dear… time to polish up on your cheesy knowledge…

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#1. Let's start with an easy one

#2. A hole new question

#3. This is particularly delicious when baked

#4. We're off to Spain for this one

#5. British Blue

#6. Off to Germany this time

#7. This cheese has a mild and sweet taste

#8. Hopefully not a Greek tragedy

#9. Off to India now...

#10. Born in the USA


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