20 Best Twilight Memes

Team Edward Jacob? Love it or loathe it, Twilight defined a whole generation and there's no getting away from it.

Twilght - beastiality or necrophilia

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Love it or loathe it, Twilight defined a whole generation and there’s no getting away from it. Check out 20 of the best Twilight memes the web has to offer

1. Like night and day

2. Choose your path wisely…

Twilight - choose between beastiality and necrophilia

3. Mean Girls warned you, Bella!

Twilight - Mean Girls - Get pregnant and die

4. What about a snacky-snack?

5. Kill IT with fire!

Twilight - Creepy fake baby Renesmee

6. He took his time…

Robert Pattinson - from Cullen to Batman

7. Someone pass the Savlon

8. Some things just get lost in translation

Twilight and Friends

9. How long have you been 17? A while

Twilight - How long have you been 17? Queen Elizabeth rules!

10. Say it out loud

Twilight Hufflepuff

11. 50 shades of sorta blue?

Catherine Hardwicke shades of blue

12. Let’s Get it Started

Twilight vampires - Black Eyed Peas

13. Just keep driving…

Twilight - Harry Potter flying car

14. Sort your Priorities, Girl!

Twilight - sort your priorities

15. Oh, how the tables have turned…

Twilight - better love story than 50 Shades of Grey

16. Oh, sparkly!

Twilight - sparkly skin of a killer

17. Asking for a friend

Twilight - Emmett and Bella in washing machine

18. Charlie Swan mood board

Charlie Swan mood board

19. Back off, biatch!

Carlisle Cullen and Spanish Influenza

20. Tampax Cullen

Edward Cullen Tampon

There are plenty more, but these were some the best 20 Twilight memes we found. If you have more don’t forget to share them with us on Twitter @giggle_snort

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