Friends Fan Quiz

Friends Fan Quiz - TV Show

How well do you remember the iconic TV show Friends?

Friends has entertained generations of comedy fans, from those watched it when it first aired or younger people who have since soaked up every episode on Netflix.

Since hitting our screens way back in 1994, it followed the antics of 6, sometimes reckless, adults living in Manhattan and joined them through the twists and turns of growing up, dating, having children, and all the awkward moments in between. Filled with both laughter and some bittersweet moments, it has found itself securely in the realms of iconic TV history.

Whether you’re team Ross and Rachel or even Joey and Phoebe, take the Friends Fan Quiz and see just how much of a fan of Friends you really are

Take our Friends Fan Quiz and prove you really are one of the biggest fans


Rachel Green Celebrating Wow! You really know your stuff and are 100% a Friends aficionado! Share your score and show off!

Joey Tribbiani Sad

Oh dear! Perhaps it’s time you ordered a fresh coffee and brushed up on your Friends education…

#1. When did the first episode of Friends air in the USA?

#2. What's the name of the band that played at Monica and Chandler's wedding?

#3. Who did NOT date Rachel?

#4. How many times has Pheobe been married?

#5. Which of Joey's sisters did Chandler date?

#6. Who was Chandler trapped in an ATM vestibule with?

#7. Joey was cast as the butt double for which Hollywood Actor?

#8. What was the name of the first restaurant Monica was head chef at?

#9. What are the names of the triplets Pheobe gave birth to?

#10. Who did Rachel dump at the altar?

#11. What was Chandler's middle name?

#12. Where did the gang travel to for Ross and Emily's wedding?

#13. How many episodes were there in total?

#14. What was the last name of Rachel's boyfriend, Tag?

#15. What was the name of the dancer Joey lived with?

#16. What was the first word Ross' son Ben said?

#17. What is Chandler's job?

#18. Where did Carol and Susan first meet?

#19. Who did Pheobe mug when she was 14?

#20. And finally, what was the very last line on the show?


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