Name the Boyband Quiz

The Wanted - Boyband

How well do you remember your favourite boybands? Take the Name the Boyband Quiz and find out.

Where would we be without boybands? From our earlier heartthrobs such Justin Timberlake and Jordan Knight, to the newer entries like Harry Styles and Max George, there has always been a never-ending supply of handsome young men to make teenagers swoon.

Now it’s time to go back to your old bedroom and imagine all the posters you had pinned to the walls and put names to the faces once more. Do you remember all of them? Take the Name the Boyband Quiz and refresh your memory… or just relive your teenage dreams.



#1. Let's Go Crazy

#2. Sooner or Later

#3. I Want You for Myself

#4. I Want You Back

#5. If I Let You Go

#6. This Time Around

#7. Crazy

#8. Larger Than Life

#9. I'll Make Love To You

#10. Because of You

#11. Ready or Not

#12. I Wanna Sex You Up

#13. Love Me for a Reason

#14. Never Forget

#15. All or Nothing

#16. Everybody Get Up

#17. What Makes You Beautiful

#18. Summer Girls

#19. Only Human

#20. Glad You Came


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