Big Bang Theory Fan Quiz

The Big Bang Theory Fan Quiz

Think you know a lot about CalTech’s famous scientists? Take The Ultimate Big Bang Theory Fan Quiz today to see just how much you know about them!



Bazinga! You certainly know your neurons from your protons! 

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Oh dear, I often forget other people have limitations…


Sheldon Cooper Loser

#1. What restaurant did Penny work at?

#2. What is Sheldon's middle name?

#3. How many episodes of The Big Bang Theory aired?

#4. What is the number of Sheldon and Leonard's apartment?

#5. What is the name of Raj's dog?

#6. Who has NOT seen Penny naked?

#7. What does Sheldon's mother call him?

#8. Who is the only member of the cast to hold a PhD in real life?

#9. Who's mother is called Debbie?

#10. What nickname was Howard given by his fellow astronauts?

#11. Amy brought home a monkey from work. What terrible habit did it have?

#12. Who officiated Amy and Sheldon's wedding?

#13. How many times does Sheldon need to knock on a door?

#14. What is the name of Raj's sister who dated Leonard?

#15. Where do Amy, Howard, Leonard, Raj and Sheldon work?

#16. In which season did Stuart Bloom first appear?

#17. What was Howard and Bernadette's one thing in common?

#18. Why did Howard, Leonard, and Raj miss the meteor shower?

#19. How many images were used in the shows opening credits?

#20. Who is Amy and Howard's favourite artist?


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