Ultimate Twilight Fan Quiz

The Cullen Coven

How much do you or remember about the Twilight Saga? Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Take the ultimate Twilight fan quiz to see how much of a fan you really are


Well done! You certainly know your Twilight Trivia! Share your score on social media.   Bella and Edward Cullen Wedding Day

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Edward Cullen

#1. What's the name of the Forks High School football team?

#2. Which vampire was NOT turned by Carlisle Cullen

#3. Before moving to Forks, where did Bella live?

#4. According to the books, who did James meet first?

#5. In New Moon, which Cullen voted against Bella becoming a vampire?

#6. Who drove the van that almost hit Bella?

#7. Who killed Bree Tanner?

#8. What is it called when werewolves change shape?

#9. What is the name of the vampire Victoria recruits to build her army in Eclipse?

#10. What food makes Bella sick and leads to her realising she's pregnant?

#11. What colour were Edward's eyes BEFORE he became a vampire?

#12. What is the name of Native American tribe Jacob belongs to?

#13. What wedding gift did Aro give Bella?

#14. What illness was Edward dying from before he was changed by Carlisle?

#15. Who is NOT part of the Denali Coven?

#16. Which class did Edward and Bella meet in?

#17. Who is NOT a member of The Volturi?

#18. Where did the Cullen's live before moving to Forks?

#19. In which movie do Bella and Jacob first kiss?

#20. And finally, what song plays during the closing credits on Breaking Dawn pt.2?


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