Guest Post: Suzy Duffy; Me, Popsy & Kim Kardashian

Your characters are women most of us would love to hate. They are beautiful, rich and seem to have it all… however, you do the impossible. You make us love them, root for them and by the end of the book we become them.  Do you feel you are helping to break a stereotype that “the grass is always greener’ idea?


Suzy Duffy;

Me, Popsy & Kim Kardashian.


head-shotReading is all about parking reality and jumping into another world.  My objective is to drop my precious reader into a funny, fast paced – slightly crazy world.  I could have you in a miserable setting that’s cold and famine ridden or I can invite you into a five star, Caribbean resort where there’s an endless supply of champagne cocktails and attractive men.  Where would rather spend your limited down time?

There are so many depressing books and biographies on the market.  They have merit, but if your book-club reads something heavy, follow it up with a Suzy Duffy Book.  I want to make you laugh out loud and feel better after you’ve been reading.  If you hated Popsy in Wellesley Wives and then fell in love with here, I did my job right because there’s a true story behind Popsy.  When I had just moved to America and the town of Wellesley, I saw a woman like Popsy in a red Ferrari. It was a sunny afternoon in September and she had the top down. Her hair was the most beautiful shimmering blonde and she looked happy so; yes – I hated her on sight.  I was in my grubby SUV.  The children were bickering and the dog was eating the baby’s jelly sandwich. Of course I hated her.  But then as I drove home (& tuned out from the war in the back of the car) I thought about that lady in the red sports car and her life.  What if it wasn’t as glossy as it looked? What if there were events coming down the track that Mz. Glammerpants knew nothing about?  By the time I got home, I had chapter one of Wellesley Wives mapped out.  If readers hate Popsy at the start, they’re not alone.  So did I.  As the book evolved, however I felt for her as she struggled.  I guess I felt bad that she’d lost everything. (If you haven’t read the book yet – I’ll tell you, I really took the girl down.) I can’t say too much or I’d spoil the plot but suffice to say, every woman deserves a second chance and by God, Popsy worked for hers. Then I think of that gorgeous Irish boat-builder and I know everything’s gonna be okay for her.

In Newton Neighbors, I related to Maria from the first chapter.  Ageing is one of her issues.  Any woman whose hit forty will agree; Getting older is a bitch!  Then again the alternative is even less appealing – heading off to our great reward.  So we may as well suck it up, suck on a few cocktails and most importantly – Laugh. At. Life.

newton_neighbors_suzy_duffyYou gotta laugh at ageing because the hands of time are way more powerful than the hands of any plastic surgeon on the planet. Why fight it? Go with it and age gracefully or disgracefully if you prefer.  Exercise your prerogative, ladies.  The beauty of being a woman is we can do both – be graceful one day and disgraceful the next. In Newton Neighbors, Cathi was really the character to be disliked and pitied but the problem with that is we all aspire to a nice home or better kept garden or smarter kids. It’s a tricky subject. Where does personal-improvement end and sociopathic-social-climbing begin? The truth is there’s a tiny bit of Cathi in all of us so although we don’t much like her, we do (begrudgingly) relate. We just need to keep our inner-Cathi under control – preferably bound and gagged.

Thank you for saying I make you fall in love with the characters of my books, but I can’t take all the credit.  Some of it is genetic because we Irish are natural story tellers.    It’s how the Celts speak – with strong imagery. I remember learning Irish as a little girl and when a character came into the room, he said; Ta ocras on domhain orm.  Literally translated it’s I have the hunger of the world upon myself. Kim Kardashian didn’t invent melodrama – the Irish having been using it for Millennia.

I love the idea that I’m breaking the ‘grass is greener’ stereotype. Thank you for that. I agree because everybody’s grass is the same color green. You just can’t see their weeds until you get up close and personal.  Join me, laughing at life by reading Wellesley Wives & Newton Neighbors and let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you and let me know what exotic location you’d like me to drop you into next.  I’ll see what I can do.

Lots of love,



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